IMPs Support Thermal Insulation in -20 Degree Temperatures

UNFI, one of the nation’s largest organic and natural food providers, decided to break ground on a new 1.3-million square foot distribution center in Allentown, PA, located in the Lehigh Valley. The new distribution center is just one piece of the company’s global growth plan and will serve as a full-service distribution center. The facility expands the company’s presence in the Northeast, allowing them to quickly distribute to more locations. The center also creates more than 500 additional jobs in the local area.

A critical component of the new distribution center was the installation of an ice cream freezer that needed to maintain a regulated temperature of -20 degrees. The freezer required a building envelope cold storage solution that was cost-effective, easy to install, and one that would require minimal maintenance. The project also began during the height of the global pandemic, which meant it had the potential to be adversely impacted by supply chain issues and fluctuations in material prices.

The Scoop

To meet the needs of the large distribution center, the project team selected 8-inch-, 6-inch-and 4-inch-thick CF Mesa insulated metal panels (IMPs) from TrueCore.

Panels were installed over seven months, requiring more than 800,000 square feet of White Poly panels. As a result, several phases and deliveries were needed to complete the exterior cladding, including wall and ceiling panels.

ARCO UNFI Warehouse Schnecksville Pa April 2022

“With the size and volume of this job, TrueCore was the only manufacturer that could meet our aggressive schedule,” said Vince Free, president of FREEZ Construction. “We needed an IMP solution that could be installed quickly and effectively, and TrueCore was a perfect fit for this job.”

CF Mesa panels have minor rib planks that offer a flattened appearance, an ideal choice for cooler/freezer buildings when temperature control and insulation are a critical priority.  To eliminate thermal short circuits, CF Mesa has concealed clips to increase thermal insulation value. Mesa panels can be used on interior or exterior wall and ceiling applications in a variety of widths and thicknesses, which offer a flexible design solution for cold storage facilities. A lightweight, durable panel with little maintenance required will keep your panels visually appealing.

“We were able to provide IMPs for this project on time, and we honored our original price commitment over the entire project while steel costs were soaring to all-time highs,” said Dean Soll, co-founder of TrueCore. “At the time, our competitors were struggling with both lead-times and holding prices, which was vitally important.”

The new distribution center opened in Fall 2021.