A Better Way

We were founded by a group of industry veterans who have decades of experience manufacturing panels, purchasing and installing panels, and providing sales and customer support to the cold storage and industrial construction markets.

We’ve been working with you long enough to know exactly what you’re looking for. We also know there’s a better way to deliver it to you—which is exactly what we intend to do.

Our Products

Knowing our products need to serve a wide range of markets, we’re using our expertise to deliver panels that architects prefer and that contractors go to.

By introducing a 44-inch wide insulated metal panel, we’ve created a one-size-fits-all solution for both interior and exterior use. Discover how the widest exterior panel available in the US will help you reduce installation costs and time.

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  • market-1 Agriculture & Grow
    market-2 Automotive
    market-3 Aviation
    market-4Cold Storage
  • market-5 Manufacturing
    market-6 Pharmaceutical
    market-7 Warehouse

Knowledgeable and Dependable

Churning out insulated metal panels is one thing, but knowing how to improve upon those panels in order to positively impact a customer is another. We exist because three industry experts saw an opportunity to take their knowledge and deliver something never before offered to the US Market. We value dependable products and happy customers, and we are focused on maintaining both.


Efficient and Disciplined

Timing is everything. We understand a delayed delivery can lead to serious consequences on your project, so we’re drilling down to specific markets and products—therefore reducing lead times and improving quality consistency—providing dependable fabrication and delivery dates, and always executing best-in-class project management from start to finish. Period.


Capable and Committed

Excellent panels are made by excellent teams. That’s why our team is owner-selected, owner-trained, owner-informed, and owner-valued. We put an emphasis on carefully crafting our team because we believe employees that are cared for and invested in believe in the work they do. Resulting in both dependable products and a reliable customer experience.


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